Love others as well as you love yourself. Matthew’s Gospel, Chapter 22 verse 39

Wellbeing Links

Website if you are feeling worried and want someone to talk to

Childline Calm Zone
Ways to help you feel calm including games and breathing techniques


Wild Challenge Activities to do outside (in your garden)


Cbeebies Watch
Activities for children to watch and singalong

Cosmic Kids
Yoga website for children

Go Noodle
Music and mindfulness for children and adults

Family Service and Local Offer

Family Service Directory
Directory of support for parents including health issues and emotional wellbeing for both yourself and your child

Lincolnshire County Council

Report a safeguarding concern
Contact details if you feel that a child or adult may be the victim of abuse, neglect or cruelty

Helping adults with their mental health

Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum

 Lincolnshire parent carers forum
offering support for parent with children who have a disability or additional needs

Holbeach Community Larder

Holbeach Community Larder
Community food larder open Fridays 10-12 but check before attending

Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice South Lincolnshire
Local citizens advice with advice line and email address currently

free safe and anonymous support for young people