Love others as well as you love yourself. Matthew’s Gospel, Chapter 22 verse 39

Swans Class

Welcome to Swans Class. Our teachers are Mr Cuthbertson and Miss Verdegaal.

Summer 2 NewsletterKS2 Home-School Agreement

Swans Spring 2024

Poetry Reading

We investigated the poem The Sound Collector by Roger McGough. We looked at onomatopoeia in the poem and how it was used. Next, we considered the sounds we could hear in school and then in Holbeach. We wrote and performed poems based on The Sound Collector. We used our screen as a spotlight!

Art – altering colours and tones

In our art lessons, we investigated how artists create depth by varying tones and colours. We investigated making different tones and colours with paint.

Autumn 2

Drama Scenes

In our literacy lessons, we wrote descriptions of characters and settings. We used freeze frames to show the emotions of different characters in stories.

Ukulele Christmas Songs

We ended our series of ukulele lessons by learning some Christmas songs. We hope you like our performances.

Autumn 1 2023


In our PE lessons, we learnt how to play handball. We had to learn new rules for the game as well as attacking and defending skills.


This term we have been developing our skills when playing the ukulele. We have learnt new chords and songs.

Using Microsoft Word

In our computing lessons, we have been learning how to use different functions on Microsoft Word.

Pebble Pictures

We created pebble pictures based on our history learning about the Stone Age.