Love others as well as you love yourself. Matthew’s Gospel, Chapter 22 verse 39

Being A Church School

Vision Statement

‘Love others as well as you love yourself.’
Matthew’s Gospel, Chapter 22 verse 39

In our inclusive and happy school, we make sure everyone feels welcomed, valued and valuable.
Our safe and inspiring learning environment helps us work towards achieving our best, in all that we do, so that we can become independent and resilient members of our wider community.
Our shared Christian values give us a foundation of challenge and support, helping to make a positive change in the world, as we strive to create a community of respect and aspiration, preparing everyone for their future.

Our Core Values







Our School Prayer

Dear Lord
Thank you for your love today
Providing safety and happiness in everyway
Thank you for helping me achieve my best
And guiding me towards respect
Thank you for the challenges you send
And for the resilience which you intend
Thank you for giving me ambition and trust
In a future you’ve prepared for us


Courageous Advocacy

September – December 2023

Following an excellent year in 2022/2023 of our children putting their thoughts and beliefs of how they can be advocates of change into actions we hope this term to support a cause close to our hearts.

Two years ago, our school amazed the local collection point in Spalding with the filled boxes for the Operation Christmas Child Appeal. We all love receiving Christmas presents and we decided that we would help children who are not as lucky as we are and make up Christmas presents for others. Here are the boxes we sent in November 2021.

The Kingfishers will be leading this act of Courageous Advocacy, explaining how we can all take part.

We will be supporting the National Poppy Appeal in November as we always do and also following on from last year’s special Courageous Advocacy when we made poppy items for our local retired service men and women.

Our Eco Warriors continue to aid us all in school, helping us reduce our use of electricity with their monitoring and advice.

See examples ofour Previous Courageous Advocacy.

RE In Our School

Key Stage 1

Children in Key Stage 1 will be studying these questions related to the Islamic Faith

What does the Qur’an say about how Muslims should treat others and live their lives? How can Muslim faith and beliefs be seen in the actions of inspirational Muslims? What do Muslims do to celebrate birth?  What does it mean and why does it matter to belong?

Children in Year 1 will have an introduction to the Islamic Faith before they start studying these inquiry questions.

During their studies the Key Stage one pupils will start to show they can use clear and simple language to retell a religious story, recognise a link between a story and a belief/concept , be able to describe some ways in which people express/practise their beliefs as a community and be able to make some connections between family life and living out religious beliefs.

Key Stage 2

All Key Stage two pupils are exploring the Hindu faith, studying the Hindu beliefs about atman, samsara, karma and dharma relate to ways in which Hindus may choose to live/act. the significance of community for Hindus and how Hindus show they belong. When studying rites of passage the pupils will study celebrations from the Jewish and Christian faiths alongside Hinduism.

Within these studies children in lower Key Stage 2 will be given the opportunity to make connections between beliefs and the decisions an individual makes about how to live their life and be able to understand and begin to explain that there is a difference between believing and knowing.

Whilst they study Hinduism, Upper Key Stage 2 pupils will be asked to show their understanding that an individual is affected by a range of beliefs, both religious and non-religious, be able to explain the distinctions between ‘belief’, ‘faith’, ‘opinion’, ‘truth’ and ‘knowledge’ and begin to analyse the strengths/weaknesses of different types of evidence provided to support beliefs about the world, including personal beliefs.

Collective Worship

September – December 2023

Our School Values from September to Christmas are Politeness and Resilience.
Mrs Underwood is sharing the story of Ruth throughout this academic year and will set the scene by explaining how Naomi and her family left their home and land during a famine to live in a different country and how Ruth, a lady from this different country married one of Naomi’s sons. Sadly, after Naomi’s husband and both sons died, Naomi decided to return to her own country and Ruth decided that she would travel and live with her mother in law away from all her family in a different land. From the New Testament, Mrs Underwood is looking at the story of Martha and Mary in relation to Politeness and in relation to Resilience will study St Stephen as the first Christian Martyr and how Boxing Day is the Feast Day of St Stephen.

Children in KS2 will be planning and preparing Collective Worship during Black History Month and sharing with KS2 and KS1. Year 6 will share their Residential Trip with our School and their parents. The children will also think about Remembrance Day, Children in Need and other events/times.

Our newest school members in EYFS will all make a trip to All Saints church before we will all visit our church to celebrate our Harvest Festival and this year we will have an Advent Service in Church along with Christmas Celebrations in School at the end of term.

We will practice our songs ready for our Church Celebrations and Christmas through the term and will all look forward to the Nativity retold by EYFS and KS1 in December.