Love others as well as you love yourself. Matthew’s Gospel, Chapter 22 verse 39

Doves Class

Welcome to Doves Class.  Our teacher is Mrs Cuthbertson.

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Dove Autumn Term 1 2023

What a busy first term we have had!

This term we have been learning to use the room, make new friends and learn all about world around us. We have had a fabulous time and have learnt so much in these first weeks of being in Year 2.


In maths we have been working hard to understand two-digit numbers and where they belong on number lines and 100 squares. We have made our own 100 squares with cards, and we had to learn to sort the cards into number families by looking at the tens and ones. We have learnt to partition numbers into tens and ones, and we know that the tens number is the first number we read. We have learnt to add and subtract with objects, on a number line and have tried some mental calculations too! We have been learning the multiplication facts of 2 and 10.

Read Write Inc

We have all worked hard in our Read Write Inc groups and have all made progress with our reading and writing. Remember to keep rereading your reading book and to share your library books with your family.

Discover and Do Time

Discover and do time is working well and we have created some fabulous projects. We have made farms, houses, towns, maps and amazing vehicles in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We have discovered the tinker table and created some great pictures. All our discover and do projects go onto our seesaw pages or into our black learning journal.


We have been learning about Wild and Wonderful Creatures this term and have been sorting them into different animal categories. We have looked and similarities of each category, so we know that birds have feathers and beaks, and fish live in water and have scales and gills. We looked at what humans need to survive, and we even got “trapped” on a desert island. Here we had think about the things we would need to survive and not about the things that we wanted. Then we had to send messages in bottles to tell people what we needed to survive!


In RE we have been looking at Islam and making comparisons with how Muslims and Christians live their lives. We have looked at how babies are welcomed into the world in both Muslims Community and a Christian Community. We got to make christening cards, crosses and got to guess what was inside a christening gift! Promises are very important during a christening, so we made a promise and put it on a promise tree to see how easy it was to keep a promise for one week!

Online Safety

We have been learning about the importance of being safe when we are online. We have explored the different things we do online. We know that some people can be unkind online and that we should tell an adult if we are unsure about something or if someone does something that upsets us. We each created our own hand of safety, and we know who can help us if we need help to stay safe online.

Christmas Cards

In Art we have learnt about the work of Vincet Van Gogh and Claude Monet. We looked at brush strokes and how to create the same painting style of Van Gogh and Monet. We used the painting techniques like Monet to get a stippled Christmas tree effect. Then we dotted on the baubles.