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The School Day

Opening Times

Our school week is 32 hours, 30 minutes in EYFS and KS1 and 33 hours, 20 minutes in KS2.

During term time, opening times are as follows:

In EYFS/KS1, school is open from 8:45am until 3:15pm each day.
In KS2, school is open from 8:45am until 3:25pm each day.

Arriving at school

Children are supervised on the playground from 8.45am.

Please ensure that your child does not arrive at school before this time as they will not be supervised, and the school cannot be held responsible for your child’s safety.

Breakfast Club

Open Daily from 08:00 – 08:45 (Breakfast Served until 08:30).

Cost for Term 2: £2.50 per session.

If you know in advance that you are going to use the club on a regular basis please inform the Breakfast Club staff.


We run a range of varied extra curricular activities throughout school. We currently offer the following:


Acro Dance (KS1 & KS2)
Maths SATs Club (some Y6)
Singing (KS2)


Multi Sports (Y1-Y3)


Dotty Art (KS2)


Dance classes (Ballet & Jazz)
Football Club (Y4-Y6)


Dotty Art (KS2)
Dodgeball (Y3-Y6)

Parents can still sign up here and pay online

End of the day

Children never leave school early unless parents, or adults appointed by the parents, are available to take them home.

Key Stage 1

At the end of the day children in Reception to Year 2 need to be collected by an adult from the school playground. The teacher will remain with the children initially, and then take them to the office to wait.

If you know you are going to be late or need to change the collection arrangement please ensure your child’s teacher knows, so that children can be reassured. Ideally this should be by informing them in the morning or if not by contacting the school office.

Key Stage 2

As Key Stage 2 children are learning to become more independent, they walk to the playground and are either collected by an adult or dismissed by their class teacher.

Again it is important that you inform us of any changes in collection arrangements. It is also important that children know they are to come back to the school office if you are not at the usual meeting place. As children become older and more independent you may give permission for them to walk home without you, or with their friends, please inform us.

Water, Snacks & School Milk

During the day all children have access to fresh drinking water via the water fountains around the school. However we encourage each child to bring in their own ‘water’ bottle with a sports lid to keep in their classrooms. This gives them easy access to a drink without disturbing their lessons.

During the morning we allow children to eat a snack and we encourage healthy eating in school. Children in the Foundation Stage or Key Stage 1, who usually have their snack in their rooms, may bring a piece of fresh fruit, vegetables or a couple of plain biscuits. Key Stage 2 children have their snack on the playground and are allowed to bring in a piece of fruit or vegetables.

We currently take part in the Fruit in School Scheme. This provides a free piece of fruit each day for each child in the Foundation Stage or Key Stage 1.

We take part in the Milk in School schemes and have a lot of children who enjoy a drink of cold milk during the morning. Free milk is available for children under fives. If you would like your child to receive school milk at a subsidised cost, forms are available from the school office.