Love others as well as you love yourself. Matthew’s Gospel, Chapter 22 verse 39

Herons Class

Welcome to Herons Class. Our teacher is Mrs Jameson.

Summer Term 2 NewsletterKS2 Home-School Agreement

This Spring in the Herons class

We have had great fun in science learning all about sound. We carried out an investigation by placing salt on top of a layer of clingfilm wrapped around a cup.

We then played different instruments next to the salt to see if we could make it jump and see the sound vibration. We also made our own pan pipe instruments! In maths we have explored angles and made our own right-angle finders. We then used it to find items in the classroom that have right angles. The children took them home, what items did you find in your house that had right angles?

In art the children explored city scape artwork and examined the work of Claude Monet. We explored his use of different colours and how he captured the same picture at different times of the day and in different seasons. We then made our own version of the Houses of Parliament, carefully blending different colours together.

In computing, the children have been exploring their coding skills by exploring the Rapid Router programme. They also started to explore how to debug their code! The Herons enjoyed showing off their hats that they had made for World Book Day, they were all fabulous! So a huge well-done to all the children who made a hat and brought it in.

Autumn 2

In the Herons this term we have been busy in science, learning about light. We explored different materials to find the best reflective surfaces.
In maths this term we have been learning to use the grid method to multiply. We started by building the calculations using the apparatus.
In art we have been learning to mix colours to add tints, tones and shades. We applied this learning to our history topic and made some Stone Age artwork using the monument of Stonehenge.
In D&T and PSHE we have been thinking about how to live a healthy lifestyle and make healthy choices. We researched our favourite sandwich fillings and have designed a healthy sandwich. We had lots of fun tasting and evaluating different kinds of bread.

Autumn Term 1

In Herons class this term we have been very busy learning all about the Stone Age.

As part of our literacy learning we have also been looking at instructions, so we read and followed a set of instructions on how to make a Stone Age necklace. We carefully manipulated the clay to make our beads, then we threaded our beads, painted them and then finally had a go at modelling and wearing our jewellery. We hope you agree that we think they look fabulous!

As part of our computing learning we were looking at instructions and how to break these down into parts which is called decomposition. We spent some time outside creating and performing our own little dance sequences. We had lost of fun doing this! We then had to write out our set of instructions clearly labelling each part of our sequence. For example, clap 2 times, hop 2 times.

In our Art learning we examined the image of the artefact ‘Lion man’ which was found in a cave over 30000 years ago. We learnt how to join pieces of clay together and how to use tools to achieve the effects we wanted. The children worked very hard to make their own model of the Lion man.

 In science the children have been learning about different types of rocks and had lots of fun carrying out an experiment where they investigated the features of different rocks. They explored how durable they were by seeing if they would mark or scratch, they explored the density by checking to see if they floated or sank and they explored to see if the rocks were permeable or impermeable by using a pipette to drop droplets of water on to them. Good investigating skills, herons!