Love others as well as you love yourself. Matthew’s Gospel, Chapter 22 verse 39

Kingfishers Class

Welcome to Kingfishers Class. Our teacher is Mrs Biggs.

Rainforests Newsletter KS1 Home-School Agreement

Spring Term

Spring term 1 has been a very busy time for the Kingfisher’s class as we began our space topic.

In geography we learned about the weather, how the weather changes through the seasons and throughout the world. We also answered the question How can Antarctica be a desert when it is the coldest place on Earth?

In R.E we learned stories from the Old Testament and how they guide Christians to live their lives. We learned the stories of Noah, Jonah and Moses.

In science we investigated if people with bigger feet need larger gloves. We drew around our hands and feet and measured them with a ruler in centimetres. We answered the questions; If you go further away, will it change how you hear the whistle? And do our hoods affect how well we can hear the whistle? We also used all our senses to explore our school grounds.

We celebrated Chinese New Year. We learned the story of how the years were named after the animals, made lanterns and dragons and had a try at writing Chinese numbers. We also followed a Chinese tradition of writing wishes on oranges.

Autumn Term 2

The Kingfishers have enjoyed another busy term. We learned who Guy Fawkes was and what happened during the Gunpowder Plot. We also made our own guy. We then read the story ‘Where the poppies now grow’ and learned how we wear a poppy to remember the soldiers who died in the war.

In science we have been exploring food chains and animal habitats. We matched living things to their habitats and recreated a habitat in a diorama.

We also designed and made our own pop-up puppets.

Autumn Term 1

What a busy first term we have had!

This term our topic has been ’Where in the world do we live?’ We have been learning all about the world around us as well as making new friends. We have had a fabulous time and have learnt so much in these first weeks as we have settled back into school.

In science, we have been learning about Wild and Wonderful Creatures and have been sorting them into different animal categories. We looked at the similarities of each category, so we know that birds have feathers and beaks, and fish live in water and have scales and gills. We also looked at how animals can be sorted by what they eat and have learnt the terms carnivore, herbivore, and omnivore.

In Art we have learnt about the works of Vincet Van Gogh and Claude Monet. We looked at brush strokes and had a go at painting sunflowers like Van Gogh and finger painted a lily pond scene in the style of Monet.