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Welcome from Mrs Coote and all the Reception children of Ducks Class.

As the new school year gets underway, have a look at some of the fantastic activies Ducks Class did last year.

Spring Term

The Ducks have had another busy term continuing our learning about people who help us.
In science we have been identifying the uses of everyday materials and in art we have learnt about abstract artists including Piet Mondrian, Jackson Pollock and Robert Delaunay and enjoyed painting in their different styles.
In history we have been learning about the Great Fire of London and even had a visit from a real fire engine!
We also painted sunflowers to go with the donations to Ukraine to show our care and support for them and hopefully bring them a little cheer.
Take care and thank you for your continued support both with our learning and our community efforts. 😊

Investigating Magnets

We had a set of magnets to investigate. Mrs Coote told us that each magnet had a north and south side and that the opposites would pull towards each other (attract) but the same sides would push away from each other (repel). We took turns to play with the magnetic discs, magnetic balls, horseshoe magnets, magnetic people and the rods and cars for them to fit in as well as see through containers of iron filings. It was like magic the power of the repelling force meant we could push along the little cars without touching them, and the discs were pushed off the top of the rods when we tried to push two south sides or two north sides together. The power of attraction was strong too, and we found we could pick up long strings of the magnetic balls just holding onto one of them. We all enjoyed investigating and were fascinated by the way magnetic forces worked as we moved the magnets around.


The children had great fun with the sports coaches Mr Thomas and Mr Newton playing a game where they had to work in teams to turn over as many of the markers as they could. They then played a Pirate treasure game where they were split into 4 teams and they had to take turns running to the middle to collect a marker which was a piece of treasure and the team with the most treasure was the winner. It was very close the winning team had 26 pieces and they beat the other teams by only 1 piece of treasure. Joshua  and Jorgie were our sports stars this session.

Forest school

Everyone was really excited about the prospect of going into the forest school area. We each had a partner to help us with the tricky job of getting into our overalls and wellies, we gave instructions just like Mrs Coote and made sure arms and legs went into the correct openings. The outdoor classroom was the first port of call because Mrs Coote had to tell us about how to stay safe and look after the forest area, remembering to always walk, look out for stinging nettles and brambles, to keep our fingers away from our mouths and never put anything in our mouths to stay on the paths and not pick or pull up any of the plants. Next we played a game to make sure we knew the names and faces of everyone in the group before we played 'hibernating hedgehogs'. We sang a song walking around the blue tarpaulin then curled up small and closed our eyes whilst Mrs Coote covered one of us under the cover, then all except the one under the cover stood up and had to guess which one was still hibernating. Harry loved taking his turn and was brilliant at staying still and quiet, it took a few minutes and some clues from the grown ups but eventually we worked out who it was. Once everyone had had a turn at being hidden we took a bucket with our partners into the forest area to find something that we found interesting. We gathered back at the log seating area and took turns to talk about what we had brought back. Everyone was super at answering questions and describing their objects. The final part of the session was to have a drink and snack then help our partners get out of the overalls and wellies. Mrs Coote was very proud of how we had worked with our partners and took turns, can't wait for the next session.


We have been working on number recognition, counting, and ordering number skills. We have placed numicon blocks in order, cut and stick numerals in order and then written the numbers underneath.

We have played four in a row to help us with addition skills. We had to roll two dice, find the total and then locate the number on the game board and shade it in. We played against a partner, the first to get four in a row won.


After our PSHE session we produced a work of art depicting our favourite animal and described it to our grown ups, Our grown ups were very impressed with our drawing skills, the detail we put into each picture and the careful colouring in.


After enjoying reenacting the story of the Three Little Pigs we have decided to continue with builders role play in the outdoor area. it’s a messy job mixing the cement in the mixer but we are never short of volunteers. Holbeach need not worry about future housing shortages as this crew put up courses of brickwork in no time. Planning, measuring, using tools and cooperating with our workmates are but a few of the great skills we see developing.