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Welcome to Robins Class

As the new school year gets underway, have a look at some of the fantastic activies Robins Class did last year.

Summer Term

The Robins’ topic for Summer Term 1 has been pirates and explorers. We created pirate avatars on the iPad and used them to write fantastic descriptions of our pirates. We enjoyed a wonderful pirate enrichment day where we dressed up, made our own golden playdough and a booty bag in which to take it home, designed pirate flags and drew treasure maps as well as playing pirate team building games and singing pirate sea shanties.
In science we have been learning about animal classification and have learnt about mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, fish, and amphibians. In R.E we have been learning about the Jewish faith and the festival of Sukkot. We made our own Sukkah shelter outside, and models made from Lego.
We have also had a fantastic opportunity to learn how to ride balance bikes with Bikeability.

Spring Term 2

The Robins have had a busy term 4 continuing our learning about people who help us.

In science we have been identifying the uses of everyday materials and in art we have learnt about abstract artists including Piet Mondrian, Jackson Pollock and Robert Delaunay and enjoyed painting in their different styles.

In history we have been learning about the Great Fire of London and even had a visit from a real fire engine!

We also painted sunflowers to go with the donations to Ukraine to hopefully bring a smile to their faces. Thank you for your continuing support. 😊

Spring Term 1

The Robins have enjoyed another exciting term of learning within our new topic of ‘people who help us’.

In Geography we have been learning about the seaside; asking why we love being by the seaside so much and how we can help look after it. In science we have been learning about our 5 senses and have enjoyed taking part in smell, taste, and touch investigations where we had to use our prediction skills.

We used construction kits to make vehicles with wheels then designed our own emergency vehicles. We then made them out of junk and wheels and axles, painted them and raced them in the hall. Well done to our 2 winners!

On Chinese New Year Day, we learnt how people celebrate the lunar new year. We listened to the story of how the zodiac was named after the animals; 2022 is the year of the tiger. We made tiger masks, lanterns, tasted prawn crackers and dips and even had a try at writing Chinese characters!

The Robins also took part in a Welly Walk challenge to raise money for the RNLI.

Autumn Term 2

The Robins have had a busy term 2. We have been continuing to learn our phonics and develop our maths skills. We loved learning about the artist Andy Goldsworthy and had a go at recreating his art using natural materials in our outside environment.

We have learnt about the story of Guy Fawkes and celebrated bonfire night as well as Climate Change Day and Remembrance Day.

Christmas was an especially lovely time of celebration and learning. We took part in our nativity ‘Everyone loves a Baby’, which was recorded for parents to enjoy. We were also able to have a pantomime live streamed and enjoy a Paddington-themed party day.

Happy New Year to one and all from the Robins!

Autumn Term 1

This term the Robins’ topic is farming and so far we have enjoyed learning about where our food comes from. We have identified and named a range of different vegetables that we then used for printing and in our play.

In literacy, we have been working hard on our phonics and have been learning the story of Rosie’s Walk. We used role-play, story maps, sequencing pictures and finally wrote the beginning of the story.

We also enjoyed a special ‘make, bake and shake’ day where we made bread, butter and jam. Delicious!