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Swans Spring 2023

Investigating Friction

We learnt about forces in science. We investigated friction in one of our lessons. We wanted to find out which surface had the most friction by seeing how high the surface had to be raised before the toy car started to roll. We had to use teamwork to accurately raise the car and measure its height.

Making Easter Cards

Do you like our beautiful Easter card designs? We added all the detail ourselves to make our own personalised cards. We also experimented with colour to make the best design possible. We enjoyed taking them home to our families.

Autumn 2

Ukulele Performance

After a term of learning and practising, it was time for our recorded ukulele performance. We have made so much progress over the term. Thank you Mr Hird for teaching us so well!

Making Decorations

We made decorations for our tree which won first place in the Christmas Tree competition at All Saints’ Church

Researching Sutton Hoo

In our history lessons, we researched the artefacts found at Sutton Hoo. We learnt what they can tell us about what life was like in Anglo-Saxon Britain at the time.

Coding with Rapid Router

We learnt about coding in our computing lessons. We investigated using loop commands.

Autumn 1

Computing – Sudoku

To develop our reasoning skills in our computing lessons, we challenged ourselves to solve some sudoku puzzles.

Insect Hunt

In our science lessons, we learnt about different plant and animal species. We also learnt about their habitats. We searched for insects in our Walled Garden to see which habitats they live in.

Researching Animals

After we learnt about insects and their habitats, we researched different animals to find out more about them such as their diet and where they live.

Ukulele Performance

This term, we have been learning how to play the ukulele with Mr Hird from the Lincolnshire Music Service. We hope you like our songs which we learnt after only a few lessons!

School Council and Eco Warriors

We are very proud of our friends who we voted to be members of the School Council and to be Eco Warriors. We know they will do a great job!