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Welcome to Herons Class

As the new school year gets underway, have a look at some of the fantastic activies Herons Class did last year.

Summer Term

Investigating Perpendicular and Parallel lines

Spring Term

DT: Making Sandwiches

PSHE: CHildren's Mental Health Week


Swimming Certificates

Autumn Term 1

Stone Age Tools and Weapons

As part of our DT work during our Stone Age topic, we have been designing and making Stone Age tools and weapons. We tried to use natural resources found in the forest area. 

The Great Cave

In guided reading we have been studying ‘The Great Cave’ by Terry Deary. We gathered around the fire pit to help us imagine we were telling stories to each other a Stone Age cave.

Chinese Whispers

We played ‘Chinese Whispers’ to help us understand how stories can change when passed down by word of mouth.


Beware- Herons class are armed with their tools and weapons!