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Welcome to Herons Class

Welcome to the Herons class of 2022-23

Congratulations to this years school Council Members -Aleksander and Harper.

Congratulations to this years Eco-Warriors – Otis and Thea

Spring 2

The Herons had a very busy Spring term. It was our turn to take part in our courageous advocacy project. The children decided to run a kindness corner swap shop. We pitched the idea to the whole school in a class CW and asked our school community to donate unwanted food, toiletries and clothing. The children then worked very hard to manage and look after the stock that was kindly donated. They made signs and posters and helped to set the stall up. We ran the stall each morning for a week, and it was very successful! The children also decided to donate any spare donations left over to local charities. We sent food to our local food bank and bags of clothing to the Salvation Army. Thank you to everyone who supported us.

In science this term the children have been learning about states of matter including gas, solid and liquid. We carried out a few experiments using bottles of pop and chocolate. We had great fun shaking bottles of pop so we could measure and weigh the amount of gas they contain. We also explored melting chocolate. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to eat any!

In computing the children have explored and learnt how to use the programme Rapid Router. We learnt how to use the block codes to create instructions and algorithms to make the vehicles move around the tracks. You can carry on playing by clicking here!

Spring 1

In maths the Herons have been learning to identify 90-degree right angles. We made a right-angle finder by cutting out a right angle on a circle. The children thought they looked like Pacman!

We then used our right-angle finder to search for right angles within our classroom. The children took them home to search their houses. Did you find any right angles in your house?

In science we have  been learning about forces. We learnt that for something to move it needs to have a force acting upon it like a push or pull. We investigated friction acting upon a toy train rolling along different surfaces. The children covered a wooden surface in a range of different materials and measured the height that the board got to when the train started to move. They made predictions, carried out their experiment and talked about what they found. The bumpy and rough materials caused the most friction.

Autumn 2

The children enjoyed carefully creating poppy collage pictures to present on Remembrance Day.

The Herons, Owls and Swans were invited to take part in the Christmas Tree Festival at All Saints Church to decorate a Christmas tree based around a theme. We decided to choose the Christmas carol ‘On a Starry Night’ and the Herons all made bells. We carefully drew around a stencil and cut out our bell shapes. We then attached them back-to-back to make our bells 3D. Finally, we added a little sparkle!

Our tree was even voted in as first place by members of the public! Super job LKS2!

The Herons had great fun exploring, designing and making money holders. The children were all very proud of their finished products and can’t wait to take them home!

Autumn 1

In term one we wrote instructions on how to make a jam sandwich. We then followed our instructions to make our sandwiches. They were very yummy!

We have enjoyed reading the book ‘The King who threw away his throne’ by Terry Deary. We wrote character descriptions and setting descriptions. We learnt to use descriptive language to describe a cave. We then drew pictures to match our descriptions using pastels.

In maths we have been learning to draw 2d shapes accurately using our rulers.