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Welcome to Owls Class

As the new school year gets underway, have a look at some of the fantastic activies Owls Class did last year.

Spring 2

Spring 1

Local Area Trip

Autumn 2

Owls have had another busy term learning about the Anglo Saxons and used their knowledge and skills from Literacy to complete a non-chronological report. In Literacy we were reading, analysing and writing non-chronological reports and after doing some research on the skeleton (which was linked to our science topic this term), we planned, wrote and then presented neatly, our non-chronological reports. In design & technology we were evaluating, designing and then making money holders. We practiced different stitches to sew and decorate. Some of us even sewed on a button and created a button hole. The results were fantastic, so very well done!

We had the PE coaches this term and enjoyed learning the skills to play dodge ball. It got a little cold towards the end of the term but great fun was had by all!

Owls Autumn 1

The Owls have a had a great start to the academic year.

We have been learning about Anglo Saxons in History. We learnt where the Angles and Saxons came from and why they came; we wrote character descriptions of Hengist and Horsa; investigated Anglo Saxon homes and why they did not just go and live in the Roman towns and houses; and started to look at Britain converting to Christianity.

We celebrated the life of her majesty Queen Elizabeth ii and drew portraits and designed urns showing an aspect of her reign.

In French we recapped on greetings and asking a persons name before moving onto asking in French what the weather is like.

We worked on addition, subtraction and multiplication facts in Maths and enjoyed writing fables in Literacy this term.