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Welcome to Doves Class

Spring Term

Chinese New Year

This year saw the year of the Rabbit. We enjoyed a day celebrating the Chinese New Year. We looked at how another culture celebrates their New Year. We learnt the story of how the years were named after different animals. We wrote wishes on paper oranges for the new year and threw them into the trees on the field. Then we made lucky red envelopes, and we each received a chocolate coin. We made bouncing paper rabbits and colourful paper lanterns.


We have learnt how to add and subtract with two 2-digit numbers and learnt how to bridge through the ten barriers with tens and ones. We have learnt about shapes and data handling in maths and computing.


We have learnt how to generate data and how to create pictograms and tally charts and transfer the information onto an iPad.


We have learnt how Jesus was good news to Christians and his stories taught lessons to others. We had Micki and Mrs White visit and tell us about how they celebrate easter.

World Book Day

We had a fabulous day exploring reading! We had travelling story tellers come and tell us a story. Each storyteller left us with a job to do! We even had a go at writing a story!


We have learnt about the weather and how the weather changes with each season. We looked at how we could record the weather and we made weathervanes to record wind direction. We made rain gauges and we read the temperature inside and outside the classroom to compare the differences. We also discussed the clothing we need for each season and how the weather effects trees.


We have explored maps and how to read them. We explored our school grounds, and we went on a walk around our town.


We explored how the city of Pompeii was discovered and we looked at different historical sources to understand how we know about Pompeii. We learnt about Sappho and how she was a picture on a fresco. We believed she may have from a wealthy family in Pompeii.


Autumn Term 2

Our class school councillors

Our Eco monitors

What a very busy term we had!


We have explored different materials and can now name some materials and describe their properties. We can say why different materials would be suitable for different things. We have learnt the words transparent, translucent, dull, rough and smooth and can say if a material is absorbent or not.

Play Projects

We have explored different play projects and have used make and create, build, draw and message to express our ideas.


In history, we have learnt how people communicated during the first world war. We have explored history through discover and do time. We share what we have learnt from our lessons and can use anything in our room to help us to show our learning. We wrote acrostic poems and made poppies for the veterans.


In maths, we have investigated number problems, shared a number of objects into equal groups to help our understanding of division and multiplication. We have learnt to count in equal jumps on a number line and know that groups can be equal or unequal.

D and T

In Design and Technology lessons we explored what makes a healthy lunch. We explored different types of coleslaw and then created our own. We used the skills of peeling, chopping and grating the vegetables to make our coleslaw. We even chose our own ingredients to make our coleslaw just right for us.

We love to read!

We have listened to lots of stories and then we read them to each other! We love to share stories and are getting really good at reading with expression. We are learning new words to help our understanding of the world around us.

Digital Art

We have used the iPad to create our own digital artwork. We have learnt how to focus and how to zoom in close to an object. We can use the iPad to create a landscape or a portrait picture. We used our artwork to create our Christmas cards to take home to our families.

Party Day

Polar Express Party Day was fantastic! We came to school in our pyjamas, with our golden ticket! We watched part of the Polar Express film, enjoyed a hot chocolate and created trees and a melted snowman biscuit. We had a party lunch, played some party games and had a visit from a very special man!

Autumn 1

We have had a very busy term! We have been learning about how people live all around the world. We have looked at where we live and compared it to different places around the world.

In science, we have learnt about trees and how we have deciduous and evergreen trees. We can name some trees in the school grounds and find their leaves using a leaf identifying key. We know that trees can make more of themselves and we went on a seed hunt. We looked at how seeds can be dispersed and had a go at making our own paper ‘helicopter seeds’

In maths, we have worked on understanding number and place value. We have worked on addition and subtraction of single digit numbers, 2-digit numbers and addition of 3 single digits. We have learnt about fact families and how addition can be done in any order, but subtraction cannot.

In computing we have learnt how important it is not to tell people online all about ourselves. We know people online can be fun to play with, but we must never tell them our names, our schools or where we live. We have learnt we don’t know who is at the other end of our computers or tablets. We designed a new gaming world for a character we met.

In RE we have been learning about Islam. We have compared the creation story in the Bible to the creation story in the Quran. We have learnt about the characteristics of our God and that in Islam Allah has 99 names. We investigated using Jenga how the 99 names fit together to make Allah. We also learnt that Muslims believe in the straight path and if everyone walks the straight path then their will be harmony.

We have created our own play projects. We choose our own ideas and created our own projects. Some of us created animals and homes for them to live in. Some of us wrote a story with our character in.