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Spring Term 2

Local Area Walk

Making Puppets

World Book Day

Spring Term 1


Chinese New Year

Making Wind Socks

Autumn Term 2

The Woodpeckers have had busy Autumn 2 term. They have learnt about Poppy Day and why we remember the soldiers who died in the First World War. The children painted pictures of poppies which were then sent to local veterans. In DT, the children learnt chopping, slicing and peeling skills. They chopped cabbage, onion and carrots to make a delicious coleslaw. Our term ended with a very exciting party day. The children came to school in their pyjamas ready for a trip on the Polar Express. They decorated melted snowman biscuits and made paper Christmas trees. They made party hats and had yummy party food for lunch. In the afternoon the children played party games. The day ended with a very special visitor – Father Christmas!

Autumn Term 1

The Woodpeckers have had a great start to the autumn term. They have been learning about the world around them by looking at their own homes and comparing them to homes around the world. In science, the children have looked at the different types of trees in their local environment. They have learned about deciduous and evergreen trees and about the fruit and seeds that trees produce. The Woodpeckers have been developing their gross motor skills using the new equipment purchased for our outdoor area. They have enjoyed making obstacle courses and different modes of transport using crates, planks and tyres.