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Mrs Twell

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Welcome to Woodpeckers Class

Summer Term

The Woodpeckers have had a fantastic summer term learning about pirates, explorers and Antarctica. At the beginning of term the children joined in with our pirate day which was very exciting. They learned to work together in pirate games such as fold the sails and steal the treasure. They also made golden playdough, sang pirate songs and designed their own treasure maps. In history, the children learned about the achievements of Sir Francis Drake, Captain James Cook, Amy Johnson and Ranulph Fiennes. At the beginning of term 6, the Woodpeckers participated in our sports’ week. They enjoyed, kurling, archery and tag rugby. In geography and science, the children have learned where penguins and polar bears live and about different habitats. The children also designed and sewed a flag for an explorer. 

Spring Term

The Woodpeckers’ have been learning about people who help us.  In geography, they have been learning about the features of the seaside and how the seaside has changed over the years. In science, the children have been learning about and investigating their senses. They used their sense of taste to try different Chinese food on Chinese New Year Day. In DT, the Woodpeckers have enjoyed designing and making an emergency vehicle with working wheels and axles. I think you’ll agree their vehicles turned out extremely well.

This term it was the Woodpeckers’ turn to organise the courageous advocacy event. They produced posters to advertise the Woodpecker Welly Walk to encourage the whole school to bring in their wellies and their pennies to raise money for the RNLI. They made a welly whopping amount of money. Well done everyone!

Autumn Term 1

The Woodpeckers have had a wonderful time learning about farming and where our food comes from. The children have learnt how dairy farmers produce milk and about dairy products. The children enjoyed making and eating cheese on toast.

They had a fantastic time during our ‘Make, Shake and Bake’ day when they made strawberry jam, butter and their very own bread roll.

In Literacy, the children have learned the story of ‘Farmer Duck’. They have drawn story maps and created our own stories based on the text.

In Numeracy, the children have learned to add using the part, part, whole method and they have named and used 2D shapes in their drawings.