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Values Education Programme

Value of the month: Politeness.

When you visit our school, you soon realise how our 4Rs set of principles are the foundation for school life; as we Respect and Care for:

In order to behave in a way that shows we understand our 4Rs, we need a more comprehensive set of values.

Values can be a moral idea – where we get our sense of right or wrong or what we ought to do or how we should behave. Other values provide a feeling for what is good, helpful, important, useful, beautiful and desirable etc. It’s values that drive our thinking and behaviour; we behave the way we do, because of our values, values help us grow into the people we become.

Because of this, we have recently adopted a Values Education programme. As a community, we have considered 22 values, that we believe affect us most. Over a two-year rolling programme we will focus on a different value every month. We hope you will join in at home, as we journey through our new values based education.