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Values Education Programme

In our inclusive and happy school, we make sure everyone feels welcomed, valued and valuable. Our shared Christian values give us a foundation of challenge and support, helping to make a positive change in the world, as we strive to create a community of respect and aspiration, preparing everyone for their future.

Our 4Rs are a set of principles which form the foundation for school life. We Respect and Care for:

In order to behave in a way that shows we understand our 4Rs, we need a more comprehensive set of values.

Values can be a moral idea – where we get our sense of right or wrong, of what we ought to do, or how we should behave. Other values provide a feeling for what is good, helpful, important, useful, beautiful and desirable etc. Values drive our thinking and behaviour; we behave the way we do because of our values. These values help us grow into the people we become.

We have considered which values affect us most. We focus on six core values through collective worships and in other areas of the curriculum. These values are:

These six values underpin our 4Rs as we aim to provide a fulfilling learning ethos for the children in our school.