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Robins Class

Welcome to Robins Class. As the new term starts, see some of our activities of last year's Robins Class.

Term 3

In the Robins we have been looking at Traditional Tales such as The Three Little Pigs, Red Riding hood and the Ginger Bread Man.

The children have enjoyed role playing these stories and dressing up.
In Literacy the children have been working hard to record the sounds that they can hear in cvc words and writing simple sentences.

In maths the children have been working with games to order their numbers from 1 to 10 and they have been cutting out and placing their numbers in the correct order. They have also had fun using the houses and the pigs to apply their knowledge when using positional language. Such as placing the pig in front of the house or next to the house.

The Robins have had fun working with the Sport2day sports coaches and have explored playing the remote control game, pretending to be big or little statues and fetching pirate treasure.

The Robins had a wonderful day when we celebrated Chinese New Year and took part in various activities such as making a money envelope, ordering the animals from the zodiac story, using crate paper as streamers to perform dances and dressing up.

Patchett Palls

This term at Patchett Lodge the children have enjoyed playing games, drawing the residents pictures, making them a bouquet of flowers and decorating a picture of the Ginger Bread Man.

Term 2

The children have been learning Nursery Rhymes in partnership with our Oracy project and the National Nursery rhyme week.

We have had great fun learning the nursery rhymes and taking part in art and craft activities.

To show our support within the National Anti-bullying week we all wore our odd socks to school!

Community Links with Patchett Lodge – Patchett Pals!

This term the children have started to be involved in an amazing opportunity where we have been visiting our local care home to encourage the confidence and language skills of our pupils.

So far the children have enjoyed drawing pictures, showing the residents how to play with their favourite toys and played traditional games such as snap, dominoes and snakes and ladders.

The children have come away buzzing with lots of chatter and filled with excitement about their next visit. Even our Chair of Governors came to play dominoes!
We have lots more planned for future visits so watch this space for more news about what we have been getting up to with our Patchett Palls.

Term 1

The children in the Robins class have had lots of fun learning all about teddy bears.
The children used different techniques to make their teddy bear pictures such as a fork to make the texture of the bears fur.

They had fun reading the story of ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ and putting the bears in order of size.

At the end of the term the children took part in a teddy bears picnic where we had lots of fun watching a show and taking part in fun activities such as dress the teddy. This event was also linked to our joint work on the Oracy project where we are working with other local schools to support and enrich the language skills and opportunities of our pupils.