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Welcome to Swans

On this page you can see some of the fantastic things we do in class.

This term we have been learning about life in the Stone Age. We used our forest area to explore the different activities that made up Stone Age life and to experience using natural resources.

Stone Age Necklaces

We followed instructions to make clay necklaces. This helped us to understand how to write our own instructions.

Inventing Games

We had to invent a game using resources found in the forest. We then wrote instructions for our friends so they could test and enjoy our games too!

Making Weapons and Tools

Our next challenge was to make weapons and tools using only the resources in the forest. We all made brilliant use of the ivy growing around us!

Stone Age Camp

To help us to write about life in a Stone Age camp, we took part in a drama activity where we had to make freeze-frames of different Stone Age activities. Mr Braid also came to teach us about how fire would have been useful for the people living in the Stone Age!


We had great fun making weaving patters using card, wool and ribbon.