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Welcome to Swans

On this page you can see some of the fantastic things we do in class. As the new term starts, see some of our activities of last year's Swans Class.

Digital Resilience Talk

Year 5 and 6 children enjoyed an afternoon learning about internet safety, led by our local PCSOs.

Anglo Saxons. Term 2

The second half of the Autumn Term the children learnt about the Anglo Saxons. Through this topic they found out where the Saxons came from and why they invaded as well as finding out about their life. The children researched an element of Anglo Saxon life that interested them and presented this to the rest of the class.

Outside in the Forest area the children used natural materials to weave and made useful baskets like the Anglo Saxon people would have made. They also used clay to make baskets, jewellery and had a go at Anglo Saxon writing

Coasts. Autumn Term 1

The children in Swans have had a wonderful time learning about coasts in Britain which involved an amazing visit to Hunstanton.

The day involved having a ride on the ‘Wash Monster’ to observe the cliff formation at Old Hunstanton, observational drawings of the cliffs and looking at the different layers of rock and rock pooling.  The day ended with an ice cream from the shop which went down well with all of the children! The children had a fantastic time and behaved brilliantly.

Throughout the topic the children studied the coastlines of Britain and looked at how coasts are formed. They found out that coasts are made by erosion and produced a range of diagrams and flow charts to demonstrate their knowledge. In Literacy the children used the book ‘Flotsam’ and the film ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’ as a stimulus for creative writing. The whole topic was a huge success.