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Welcome to Swans

Autumn Term 1

We have had a very busy term in Swans Class! Our we have been learning about the Stone Age, both inside and outside the classroom!

Designing Stone Age Tools and Weapons

In our design and technology work, we had to design, make and evaluate a Stone Age tool or weapon. After thinking about what we wanted to make, we used our forest area to collect resources to make them. We did have to use some modern-day string to help us though!

Stone Age Camp Freeze Frames

To inspire our writing, we became statues! We used freeze frames to show the different jobs people had to do during the Stone Age. Can you guess what we are pretending to do?!

Investigating Rocks

As part of our science learning, we investigated the properties of different types of rocks.


This term, we have been fortunate to have ukulele lessons with Mr Squires from the Lincolnshire Music Service. We have been very impressed with our own musical talents!