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Welcome to Doves Class. As the new term starts, see some of our activities of last year's Doves Class.

Chinese New Year Day

Doves had a wonderful day, some children came to school wearing an animal mask and the day was filled with some great activities. We learnt about the wishing tree and how Chinese people make wishes, tie them to oranges then throw them into the tree and if the orange stays in the tree then their wish will come true. The Story of the Nian Monster was re-enacted during playtime and after play we learnt about how the Chinese new year was named after twelve animals. We made some Chinese lanterns and drew the symbol for the pig. Then we copied some Chinese numbers and made our own pictures using tangrams. I think one of the favourite parts of the day for the children was tasting some delicious Chinese sauces.


Maths is as practical as we can make it. We first learn how to do things, like grouping objects into groups of tens and ones. This then makes it easy for us to count large number of objects. We have also been trying to put a 100 square back together by organising numbers into number families.


Term three saw the Doves investigate different materials. We learnt about what things are made from and went on material hunts inside and outside the classroom. We talked about why things were made from certain materials and learnt about each materials properties. We looked to see if objects could bend, twist or stretch. We looked to see if objects were opaque, translucent or transparent as well as checking to see if they were hard or soft, rough or smooth.

Early Electronics

This seminar saw children learn how to make a simple circuit to switch on a light, a buzzer and a spinner. We learnt about how to break a circuit and how a switch will break a circuit. We put all this knowledge into making lighthouses, windmills, electronic cars and battery bugs. We even had some electronic nail polishers. Some children even manage to add switches to their models.

Investigating the weather – science

We investigated the weather. We learnt about the wind and made streamers and kites and flew them outside.

Looking at creation

We have learnt about the story of creation. We went outside, had a look at natural things, and considered how they were created. We thought about God being a creator.

Space Day

We had a really fun day investigating different space themed activities. We got to explore the planetarium and learn about the stars. We made rockets, used skittles to make a new planet, and launched bottles using effervescence C and hot water.

Burning the Guy

We learnt about Guy Fawkes and why we remember 5th November. In class, we made a Guy and we burnt him in the fire pit.

Making poppies

2018 is the centenary of the end of the First World War. To commemorate the 100 anniversary of the end of the war we learnt about the artist Paul Cummins and the clay poppies he made. We made our own clay poppies and wrote remembrance poems.

Christmas Party

For our Christmas party we went on a journey with the Polar Express. We enjoyed making chocolate trains and drinking hot chocolate. We had a big party in the hall and had a visit from Santa.

Looking at Castles

We have been finding out about castles. We have looked at how bricks are place to make the castle walls strong. We tried to make our own castles with Lego.