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Kingfishers Class

Welcome to the Kingfishers page. As the new term starts, see some of our activities of last year's Kingfishers Class.

Term 3

The Kingfishers have had a fantastic start to 2019. They have learnt about the different countries that make up the UK and the seas that surround us. They have learnt about different materials and they have found out that each material has different properties. They went on a materials hunt around school and noticed that materials are used in different ways according to their properties.

The children really enjoyed their Chinese New Year day. They learnt the story of Chinese New Year and used ordinal numbers to place the animals in the correct order. They made lucky moneybags and filled them with chocolate coins. The children wrote their wishes on oranges and placed them on a wishing tree in the playground. In the afternoon, the children made Chinese lanterns and tasted Chinese food.

The children have been learning the multiplication facts for 2, 5, 10 and 3 times tables. They have been consolidating their knowledge of the number bonds to 10 and 20. The children continue to learn reading and writing skills through Read, Write, Inc.

Term 2

This term the Kingfishers have been learning about Space. They have learned about the history of space travel and had a fantastic WOW day in which they launched a rocket, made a planet using Skittles, ordered the planets and learned about the night sky in a planetarium. They have learned about the different seasons and the types of weather we have. They investigated the wind, rain and sun through making shadows, wind streamers and even made a cloud in a bag. They each made a clay poppy for Remembrance Sunday. In December, the children took part in a fantastic performance of the Inn-Spectors. The children enjoyed coming to school in their pyjamas for the Polar Express Party Day.